5 Sentence Challenge – Arlie

In Harrow&hobbs boots&shoes shop it loke like fire!
in the park thair is difrnt colourfull trees
at the markit the old man is selling Big ptatot in a Big trae
on the road a smll Blak hors poling a carij
thair is to pepple in the park




5 comments on “5 Sentence Challenge – Arlie

  1. Arlie Woodpeckers have been looking at your work and here are some of the things they have said:
    We like it because you have used good describing words.
    Jeya said – I like the way you said a small horse and not just a horse.
    Maise likes how you wrote it with lots of expression.

    We think it is very good work but you have missed out some of your full stops at the end of your sentences and capital letters at the beginning.
    Keep up the hard work
    from Woodpeckers

  2. I think this is really good work. I really like your spellings. I think there are some good words in tehre which match to the picture. Yusuf Kingfishers

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