Fire Safety Talk

On Wednesday Kingfisher Class had a fire safety talk. Unfortunately I (Rachel) wasn’t there so I can’t tell you much about it. Maybe you can tell your parents all about it with the help of these photos.

IMG_6798 IMG_6797 IMG_6796 IMG_6794 IMG_6793 IMG_6792 IMG_6791 IMG_6790 IMG_6788 IMG_6787 IMG_6785 IMG_6784 IMG_6783 IMG_6782 IMG_6781 IMG_6780 IMG_6778 IMG_6777 IMG_6776

This is a link to the blog post from last year which has lots of information.

The Fire Safety Officer has left his contact details and he is happy to answer any questions so if you can think of any, please add them as a comment to this blog post.

Remember to memorise your address!!


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