On Friday we held our Eco and School Council Elections. The children who wanted to be elected stood up and shared with class why they’d want to be part of Eco or School Council.

School Council:

Manou had some great ideas for a school stage and so did Cerys. Madeena wanted to get some slides for the school. Musa, Freddie, Isobel and  Yusuf were all keen to help Mr Staricoff make the school better. Lincoln wanted to make everybody happy.

Eco Council:

Bradley was keen to work towards saving electricity. Marnie thought that it is important to look after the world so we can make sure we can grow enough food for everybody. Matilda loves animals and wants to make sure we don’t waste so much. Cali is keen to look after the planet. Ivy cares for plants and animals and so does Orla. Lincoln wants to look after the world for the babies.

Afterwards all the children voted.

Manou and Cerys received the most votes so they are our new Kingfisher School Council representatives.

Lincoln, Ivy and Marnie are now on the Eco Council as representatives for Kingfisher Class.

IMG_6509 IMG_6508 IMG_6510




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