Today we learned about questions, question words and open and closed questions. We practised writing questions. We would love to get some answers!!
Luca: Who was the first hedgehog to get run over?
Who is the prettiest elephant in the world?
Cerys: How do you make me?
Bradley: why do birds tweet in the morning?
Musa: How do you make roads?
Ruby: Why are there numbers?
Freddie: How fast do cars go?
Cali: How many animals are there in the world?
Orla: What are stars?
Isobel: what was the first animal?
Manou: How did fishes turn into all the animals?
Arlie: Why is the peregrine falcon the fastest bird?
Marnie: How many teeth have you lost?
Matilda: How are toys made?
Charlee: Do you like penguins?
Yusuf: Why are ants small?
Olivia: Why are there wars?


2 comments on “Questions

  1. re how fast can cars go?

    Some cars can go as fast as 200 miles an hour and some even faster than that!
    On most English roads in towns you shouldn’t go faster than the speed limit which is often 30 miles an hour. In Brighton they are testing 20 miles an hour to see if it is safer.
    On the motorway the speed limit is normally 70 miles.
    If you see your Mummy and Daddy going faster than this, make sure you tell them off!

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