Barnaby Bear

This weekend Barnaby Bear went to stay with me, your teacher Rachel. This is what Barnaby wanted me to write:

On Friday after school I help Harry hoover while Rachel was ordering food for the cooking next week. photo

After that we went food shopping at Aldi. In the evening Rachel had to go to a meeting about her project, a mobile library for homeless people in Brighton.


You can see in the picture of me on the blue chair that I was quite bored.  After that we relaxed at Rachel’s flat.

On Saturday we had to get up very early for yet another meeting! After that we went to the travel agent.


Rachel has very exciting plans for the holiday, visiting friends in the USA! I really want to come with her but I think that Sparrow is already coming with her. In the afternoon we went to Book Nook to pick up some new books for school.



I love it there and I didn’t want to leave. In the evening we went to a friend’s house for dinner, lovely Indian food. I saw the cricket field and I also met Rachel’s old cat Valenki.


On Sunday I helped Rachel finish some felt finger puppets.


We took them to the shop to be sold.


We then visited the synagogue in Middle Street.


It was open because of the Brighton festival. It is beautiful inside. I recognised the bimah, the eternal light and the ark from our RE lessons. Next we went to Fabrica to see an art installation.


I don’t know why but I think Rachel looks a bit embarrassed in the photo. When we went home, I had a go at playing cello but it was too big for me.


Daisy didn’t want to play and Rachel was busy with school work so I just watched some TV.


It was a very busy weekend!


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