100 Day

Today we celebrated our hundredth day of the school year. we learned a song.

We measured how long it would take us to write the numbers up to 100. Our winner did it in 3 and a half minutes.

Then we did lots of different activities:

We weighed 100 grams of different objects

We measured what we could do in 100 seconds

We made a chain of 100 paperclips

We iced 100 biscuits with numbers on them

We made necklaces with 100 cheerios

…..and much more.


We also brought in our collections of 100 items and we talked about how we counted them.


The lego figures are in 10 rows of 10.


The cake cases are in 4 colours, each colour has 25 cases.


These are 100 ways to say the word love in different languages.


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