Great Fire of London

(Written by Alex)

In Thinking Skills we wrote about what food you can find in a bakery in an a-z, it was FUN!


Then Woodpecker Class came in and practised courtesying to King Charles II.


He came in with some bad news to tell us. London burned down. All of investigated and we did some fun activities to help us solve the mystery.


Thomas Farynor forgot to put out the fire. Thomas F did some cooking with the class and we asked him questions. 


Samuel Pepys wrote in code about the fire in his diary and he taught us about the code.


The Chief firefighter helped us design some new houses.


It was really exciting because we didn’t know that Charles II would come. It was really funny because our teacher was dressed up as Charles II and was wearing a funny moustache. We made some felt flames, water and smoke with our teacher.


In our investigation we learned that the fire spread quickly because the houses are made out of wood and straw and they were closely together.


The weather was dry and the the wind blew the sparks to all the houses.



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