Hanukkah Celebrations

Today we learned about Hanukkah. We first talked about the Jewish faith and we had a virtual tour of a synagogue.


In the synagogue we found the 10 commandments, the eternal light, the star of David, the bimah and the ark. We learned that men wear a kippah in the synagogue out of respect for their God. The holy book is called the Torah and it is a scroll.

On Hanukkah people remember the oil that lasted for 8 days. We heard the story and we also watched a funny clip from Sesame Street about it. 


People celebrate Hanukkah for eight days. Every night they light an extra candle on the Hanukkiah, a special menorah. They play games like dreidel, eat doughnuts and potato latkes, share presents and sing songs. They also go to the synagogue.


This is how you play dreidel, you can also hear the song we learned. Today we wrote about different Jewish artifacts. We played dreidels and made a fortune teller. We also made a star of David and dreidels.

This video doesn’t exist

Some children had made mindmaps at home about Hanukkah. Bevan even went to the library to do some research at the weekend. Well done!




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