Acting out the Rama and Sita story II

Today we acted out the Rama and Sita story. Here are some photos. By Joss


Today we acted out Rama and Sita. We chose people to be the characters. By Alex

We put on funny clothes and we have some pictures for you to look at. By Jacob

I thought it wasvery fun and I liked the bit when the stepmother was saying that she wanted her boy to be the king and it was said like she was a bit grumpy. By Ruby and Lee

I liked watching Grace being Sita. My favourite bit was when I was the ten headed monster. I liked being Sita and giving Hanuman my ring. By Poppy and Daisy

We enjoyed building the bridge. By Grace and Taylor

I liked the bit when Misha was pretending to be the beautiful deer. By Dexter

We liked it when Ravana got shot by the golden arrow.  By Finley and Kaan

We had a really fun time dressing up and acting out the Rama and Sita story. My favourite part was the battle and when I got shot. (Sam) I like the part where Lakhsman and Rama meet Hanuman and they follow the jewels to Lanka and find Sita (PoppyL) By Sam and Poppy L

Bevan: I liked pretending to be Rama

My favourite part was when I was Ravana. (Joseph)

One comment on “Acting out the Rama and Sita story II

  1. I think a few pictures are muddled up when Rama shoots Ravana.It looks like the class all enjoyed acting out this fun story. Great pictures, I enjoyed Charlie telling us the story at home.Charlie P and Mum & Dad

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