Journey to India

Today we travelled to India.  First in the morning we made passports during thinking skills so we could go through passport control.


Next we went on a plane to Dehli. On the plane we watched a safety video which was very funny. We had tea, coffee, biscuits, hot chocolate, milk, juice and nuts.


We went on the crowded bus and it was a bumpy journey. The cars and busses drove faster than in the UK. We went to an Indian school and we watched a video of them singing the national anthem in sign language. We recognised some of the signs for flag and waves.


After we did this we pretended we were at the school and we did lots of activities like practising our hindi writing.


We learned to decorate our hands with henna.


We learned about the houses in India, some were poor and some were posh.


We also learned some hindi words, dressed up, learned facts about India, did some couloring in and watched people doing some Indian dancing.



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