Writing questions for a special visitor

Today we talked a bit more about questions. We learned that there are different type of questions, open questions and closed questions. Open questions are good for finding out information because they give us longer answers. We looked at our questions from last week and decided on some success criteria for a good question.


 We then wrote some question for a special visitor.


Mrs Thompson used to be the headteacher of this school and she was coming to tell us about birthdays a long time ago.Listen to some of the questions and answers here: 

Mason’s question

Keeans’s question

Grace’s question

Ellie’s question

Faith’s question

Alex’s question


This is Mrs Thompson when she was a baby. Her baby clothes were made by her relatives.


This is what prams looked like a long time ago.


Here is Mrs Thompson in a lovely outfit. It was a hand me down from an older cousin.


This is the pram that Mrs Thompson father made for her birthday one year. Have you noticed there are no cars in the street?


We learned a lot today. Poppy G, Jacob and Ellie were surprised that most people didn’t have fridges then. Mrs Thompson’s mother had to go shopping every day. Grace now knows that there were no partybags then and that often parents made the presents for their children. Kaan hadn’t realised you can make your own scooter. Dexter and Chloe have learned there were not so many cars then.


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