The Diamond Jubilee

We have been talking about the Diamond Jubilee and the Queen. Children have mixed feeling about the queen. Some children really like her, others think she is wasting our money and isn’t very useful. We realised that the Queen couldn’t help being born to be Queen. The children who didn’t like her were honest and respectful in their letters, not to hurt her feelings. We discussed ways of how artists show their feelings about a subject in a subtle way. This way all the children could join in with the activities without being dishonest to themselves.

She has billions of pounds of money. She should give the money to us. (Hazel)

The tax that we pay, the Queen uses our money for her houses. (Edward)

We made a portrait of the queen but some of us will colour it in and some of us won’t. (Jolie)

We have been trying all our best to paint a picture of the Queen.(Aedan)

We are having a party for the Diamond Jubilee. we discussed which food we’d like to choose and which we didn’t. The food needed to be healthy because our school is a healthy school. (Evie)

We are going to send letters to the Queen. I am going to know what it feels like to send a letter to a rich person. (Lewis)




One comment on “The Diamond Jubilee

  1. This is a very well written letter and I like the way that you have joined your handwriting so neatly. I am sure that the Queen would be extremely impressed with your sentences and punctuation.

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