On Wednesday and Thursday the Ofsted inspectors came in.

Children had mixed feelings.

Maddy and Spike were worried that they weren’t going to like the school because they think this school is good.

Lewis said “Skary! because they sack the head master.”

Aedan thought it’s good.

Anya said “I think it is a bit scary because teachers might get sacked including Miss Ramaker and Mrs Brown. Why do the Ofsted inspection come?” 

 Sally said “I think it is scary because they could give us a really bad report. They could not like the school. It might be good, you can show off your work.”

David reckons it might be good because they might say the work is good.

Charlie thinks it’s pointless and rubbish and scary. He also thinks it’s good because they can see we are a lovely school and see we are working hard.

In the end it was really nice to have the inspectors in. They saw lots of good work and all the children were keen to show off their work. We played the recorders for them at our lunch time and they heard some boys read and were really impressed by that. Maddy and Tegan chose to see the inspectors because they wanted to tell them all they had learned and invited them to our art lesson!

Kyla said that the Ofsted inspection was good because it helped her to learn more. She was trying her best. Maddy and Tegan asked one inspector to vote for our blog.




  1. I was really proud of Kingfishers and Hertford Infants on the day when the inspectors were visiting. The sun was shining and the playground was full of happy children excited to be arriving at school. You have achieved so much this year Kingfishers and you have had so many exciting topics to learn about- us adults love sharing this with you. The inspectors will have seen this too and been very impressed. WELL DONE TO YOU AND MS RAMEKER AND MS BROWN!

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