Reading Instructions

Today we looked at Instructions. We now know that instructions are useful because they will tell you how to do something. Kaya and Evie have a good book called ‘How to do everything’ which has lots of instructions in it.

This is what we know about instructions:

  • They have a title.
  • They have a list of what you need to do the activity.
  • They tell you how to do it in steps.
  • Every step has a bullet point or a number.

We divided the class in teams. Each team gave themselves a name. Each team received instructions for a game. Each team taught the class a game in turn. The teams scored points for the games. We played Smugglers, Domes and Dishes and Guess! We still have two more games to play.

The Hooligans are ahead with 225 points.




One comment on “Reading Instructions

  1. WE had a great time being in teams.ME and tegan and jolie and also eva and seba and charlotte did really well our teacher said.WE all did really well in our groups.OUR teacher did really well becase she orderedring us about and we i’m so proud of my self.from kyla.

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