5 Sentence Challenges

Inspired by Moorlands Schools Federation, we had a go at writing some sentences inspired by this picture.



I like the cind of bildings. The red helicopter lookes like it is going to land. I like the shiny hoomugus statue of liberty. the fireworks are beautiful. The bulings are tall.

By David and Otis


I like the twincerley stars.I like the twingcerley fierworcs. I like the shiney boats. I like the bissie helicopter. I like the reflection.

By Steven and Charlie


I like the tweecli strs. I think the reflection in the river is beautiful. I really like the tall grey buildings. Isi santec magic. I love the elegant sailing boats.

By Lionny and Kaya


It’s fantastic New York. The Statue of Liberty is fabelos. The bildings are great. The boats are great. The fireworks are soooogood.

By Lewis


They are colourful. They are exciting fireworks. The picture would not be so beautiful without the fireworks. The city is really bright colours.

By Kyla and Flossie


The fireworks are exciting. The statue is mirikal. the sparklaly red is kuting thrue the air. The welcoming wen you see the statue of liberty.


By Aedan


It looks like New York. I like the fireworks because they’re coulful. I like the boats at the bottom of the picher. I like the boats sailen in the night.


By Anya and Tegan


There are lots of beautiful fireworks. The boats are different shapes and sizes. the shiny red helicopter’s blades are slising through the air. There are huge buildings.


By Edward



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