This week’s learning

We have written our riddles this week. We had to remember lots of things when we were writing them. The clues had to be in the right order. We had to think of good adjectives, alliteration and similies. We tried to start our sentences with different words. We used some connectives and we described different aspects of the animals.

We started learning about sports. We discussed why we play sports. We made a list of all the sports we know.


In Spanish we learned the words for different sports. We can say: Me gusta jugar al futbol.

In maths we talked about addition. We used our skills to keep a score and find out how many more points we had to score to win. We also learned about addition squares.

We used these skills and tools: partitioning, counting on on the number square, multiplication and repeated addition.

We are going to change our roleplay area into a sport shop. We thought about what we need to have in a shop. We also thought about what characters we could play in the roleplay area:

manager, shopkeeper working behind the till, shopkeeper helping people, shopkeeper stacking the shelves, nice customers and grumpy customers.

We have been very busy!

One comment on “This week’s learning

  1. What a busy week you have had, Kingfishers! You have been learning so many exciting things. Thank you for sharing your week.

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