More Riddles

We are very proud of our riddles. Here are some more. The answers are underneath. Good luck!

I live in the sea

I have beautiful silky skin.

I’ve not got teeth. I love eating seaweed.

I see seaweed then I gobble it up.

I’m the biggest animal in the sea.

What am I?


by Lewis

I have a little pink nose.

My fur is as soft as a hamster.

When I jump my long back feet help me jump high.

I have floppy ears. I have a white fluffy tail.

My favourite food is carrots and lettuces.

What am I?


By Flossie


I have a very long tail.

I have a cute button nose.

My favourite food is meat and also fish.

I have black under my cute paws.

I like to play with my ball and string.

I have four furry legs.

I quietly stomp about.

I have stringed whiskers.

What am I?


By Kyla


My home is the deep black ocean.

I am mostly grey and white.

I have a back bone.

I have 5 super sharp fins.

I eat people but not a lot and colourful fish.

I have got razor sharp teeth.

What am I?


By Charlotte




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