Even more riddles

I have a medium size tail.

I have scratchy claws on my paws.

I live in hot countries such as the savannah and the rainforest.

My fur is quite stiff but not on my head.

With my vicious teeth I can manage to bite through tasty flesh.

I am very yellow and a tiny bit orange.

I am smaller than a giraffe but bigger than a tortoise.

What am I?


By Kaya


I have a long tail.

I am becoming extinct.

I live in the graasy jungle or a muddy swamp.

My favourite food is meat such as deer and zebra.

My stripes are good camouflage in the long grass.

I am black and orange.

What am I?


By Hazel


I move around in a plastic see through ball.

You can sometimes hear me sniffing but I don’t make any other noise.

I am sometimes a pet and I live in a cage.

I have four legs and I don’t stomp around.

What am I?


By Anya


My feathers are as soft as a teddy.

I get my fish from the deep blue sea.

The noise I make is squawk!

I’m bigger than a chair and smaller than a giraffe.

Some of my body is as dark as the midnight sky although my belly is as white as snow.

What am I?


By Sally


I waddle.

I catch my food on my own but my mum catches it if I am a baby.

I walk in a huddle to keep me warm.

I keep my eggs in between my legs.

What am I?


By Sengae




One comment on “Even more riddles

  1. Well done Kingfishers. You have used similes and descriptive vocabulary very well in your riddles. We are studying riddles next week and we will be looking at your blog for inspiration. Well done!

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