What we want to be when we are grown up

Today we dressed up as what we want to be when we grow up. We were doctors, a vet, a ranger, a business woman, a ballerina, a super model, three footballers, teachers, a chocolate maker, an engineer, some artists, an archeologist, a kung fu instructor, a scientist, an rspca worker, an hairdresser, a skateboarder, a fashion designer, a raider, a show jumper, a cellist and a costume designer.


We are lucky we can achieve our goals because of the children’s rights. Some children are not so lucky so we collected money and school stationary to help other children go to school. Our teacher will take some of it to a slum school in Kenya and some money will help Roma children go to school in Eastern Europe.


This is a list of what we need to become the best we can:

I need books.

I need to practise.

I need a good manager.

I need good skills.

I need to not give up. I need to persevere.

I need the best skateboard.

I need a good education.

I need to have good ideas.

I need to be organised.

I need maths skills.

I need to be creative.

I need to talk to professional doctors.

I need to NOT fall for the tricks of two types of snakes.

I need to be careful and have a steady hand.

I need to be calm and give good care.

I will need good eyes.

I need to go to university.

I need money to go to university.

I need good equipment.

I need a good teacher.

I must practise it until I get it.

Keep doing my best when I do my exams.



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