29 things that make our school special

We thought of these during Thinking Skills. Here are a few of the things that make our school special:
1.our school values: ambitious, caring, thoughtful, friendly, respectful, enthusiastic
2. the animals of the Hertford Tree that help us learn about learning
3. Music lessons: recorders, violins and harmonicas
4. Teamwork
5. Independent Learning choices
6. Challenges
7. Healthy School
8. Eco council
9. Learning Spanish
10. Let’s Dance
11. Good topics like learning about London
12.Nice hardworking excellent Teachers and Mrs Brown
13. visitors like Ruth the Storyteller
14.Kingfisher of the Week
15. Cake sale
16. handwriting and writing stories
17. After school clubs like football club
18. our learning partners/learning from each other
19. our blogs and twitter
20. Laptops/VLE/Purple Mash
22. Image of the week
23. Playing with our friends in the playground
24. Scooter training
25. Singing in assembly
26. Making, drawing and art
27. Climbing wall
28. The “thinking” blackboard
29. asking questions


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