Today we have started to learn about London.This is what we already know:


We learned how to be an architect and went on a trip to London to study some buildings. We looked at:

  • the height of the building
  • how old they were
  • what materials had been used
  • the purpose of the building
  • what interesting shapes we could spot.

This is us on a full commuter train, the underground and walking around London


Later on we order some intereseting buildings by height and age.


We are thinking about questions to help us find out more about London. We will post these on our blog later on. We hope you can help us find out more!



One comment on “London

  1. Dear Kingfishers,I have several times visited London. It’s a big city ful of activity. One of the most impressive buildings to my opinion was the British museum I have enjoyed the Egyptian artefacts , the mummies of the Eygptian kings and pieces of art.GreetingsJan Ramaker

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